Homestyle Original All Natural Beef Jerky 4oz

Hand-crafted in small batches, Homestyle Beef Jerky from swiig is a great way to treat yourself to a delicious high-protein snack. We slice perfectly marbled beef top round into tender strips, marinate and spice it up, making sure that we add nothing icky or artificial before we dry it. Our Homestyle Beef Jerky is lower in sugar and carbohydrates, and higher in protein than most other brands – making it a smart (and yummy) choice.

1 Stick (4 oz)


There’s a lot to be said about being an original. Homestyle Original Beef Jerky from swiig combines savory tastes like garlic, onion and cumin with salty and sweet flavors for a delightfully classic taste blend. We’ve made highprotein nutrition delicious.

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