swiig – “Stuff With Infinite Goodness” – believes that nutrition is 80% of the battle; if you can get your diet right, amazing things will happen, and happen fast! Putting your trust in a company that cares about the source of what you put in your body is critical to achieving your performance and long term wellness goals.

  • Super-ProteinsBuild Muscle & Reduce Cravings

    Not just super, Organic! Clean Protein is the foundation of SQWARE MEALS, whether you choose our Whey or Plant-based options. Protein builds lean muscle (and your whole body) and lets you feel full longer, reduces hunger, increases your metabolism and helps build a strong immune system.

  • Super-FruitsAntioxidants & Cardiovascular Health

    The organic, nutrient-dense fruits in SQWARE MEALS deliver a powerful combination of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which are essential for fighting free radicals and helping your body’s natural defenses. Super Fruits help your immune system (and your whole body) stay super strong!

  • Super-Veggies Alkalize, Detoxify & Cleanse

    Raw, Organic Veggies, like the 17 we’ve selected for SQWARE MEALS, help your body alkalize, detoxify and cleanse daily! Loaded with phytonutrients, these veggies also help cellular communication, creating healthier tissues and organs, strengthening your immune system and utilizing caloric intake.

  • Super-AdaptogensReduce Stress & Increase Energy

    Adaptogens work to increase the body’s resistance to trauma, anxiety and fatigue, lessening their long-term impacts by normalizing function in your organs and glands. The Adaptogens in SQWARE MEALS build the body’s resistance to non-specific stresses and stimulate natural immunity.

  • Super-ProbioticsProtein Utilization & Digestive Health*

    SQWARE MEALS combines Life-Giving Sprouted Grains, Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics to help rebuild your gut health. Natural enzymes in sprouts help process food effectively and increase absorption of nutrients. Digestive enzymes aid in the breakdown of any ingredient that may cause digestive stress.


Our mission is to help everyone learn to eat Simple Again! See what we did there!

swiig – “Stuff With Infinite Goodness” – believes that nutrition is 80% of the battle; if you can get your diet right, amazing things will happen, and happen fast! Putting your trust in a company that cares about the source of what you put in your body is critical to achieving your performance and long term wellness goals.

30-Day Reboot

If you’ve been feeling tired, off-kilter, gained a little weight, or just want to make a positive change, you probably need some place to start on your path back to health, wellness and total fitness. You just found a smart first step on that journey. Join us for a 30 Day Detox, Reboot & Transformation to get detailed meal plans, shopping lists, wellness tips and more!

Eating for LIFE

To "Eat for Life" means to live your BEST life! No matter your goal, taking care of your body nutritionally will give you the energy to truly live the life of your dreams. And to make that simple for you we have developed “Eating for Life'' recipes and lifestyle tips that pair perfectly with our star energy builder SQWARE MEALS.

You can start this program after your 30 day Reboot to keep the momentum going or if you are feeling ready to just dive in to getting great recipes and just a little extra support, start with our Eating for Life Program.

Slow & Steady

This plan is for those who know that they are not ready for crazy sweeping lifestyle changes that a Metabolic Reboot will require, life is too complex to even consider this, but also realize some new habits over time will set the course for long lasting results. The Slow & Steady option will help you win the race too, it just might take a little longer!

A Plant-Based SQWARE MEALS Shake blends the easily digestible proteins from ancient grains like amaranth, quinoa and millet with the pure power of pea protein for a delicious, creamy result.



A Whey-Based SQWARE MEALS Shake blends the pure power of micro-filtered Whey Isolate with the deliciously creamy and helpful compounds found in milk from cold-filtered Whey Concentrate.



Choose Your Path

Whether you love rich chocolate, or mild and creamy vanilla (the perfect base for blending new flavor creations), either way you’ll be delighted to find both flavors are more subtle and less sweet than other shakes on the market.

See What Customers Are Saying...

  • Finally, a product that tastes amazing and is loaded with solid nutrition! I feel so good on this stuff, I mean really good! Thank you swiig for bringing this to us.

    TJ Shepperd
  • We have been using it regularly for at least a year now and don’t have any complaints with it. My wife likes to add it into our pancakes, waffles and baked goods for a little extra nutritional boost and it mixes and cooks well. The vanilla flavor is sweet and satisfying, with no aftertaste like some proteins can leave. It tastes good mixed with water but better with almond milk.

    J. Birdshire
  • Recovering from Cancer 😊. Sqware Meals has helped me through all the rough patches; kept me feeling strong, esp during chemo. Eating is hard to do when you’re feeling so crappy. These shakes I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for everything!

    S. Cummings
  • Good Shakes! Me and my team now use SQWARE MEALS post workouts and after races. No stomach issues and our times are all getting better. Expecting to PR each race this year!

    H. Kay
  • Best stuff ever! I’ve tried them all and this product is the real deal. I really do feel great on SQWARE MEALS I drink it everyday.

    C. Box
  • Other protein shakes do not hold a candle to this one – I love the flavors! I feel energized immediately after drinking and I keep going for hours. I had ordered the Chocolate, such a rich flavor, but now, I love the Vanilla version even more and I’m using it in recipes other than smoothies. The stuff bakes really good!

    S. Cohen

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does SQWARE MEALS taste good? Is it chalky or have a Stevia aftertaste?
  • Are there heavy metals, pesticides or herbicides in your Sqware Meals? Mainly lead, cadmium or arsenic?
  • Is SQWARE MEALS made here in the USA? If not, where do the ingredients come from?
  • How many servings are there in a container?
  • Can SQWARE MEALS be used for things other than a Smoothie?
  • Why don’t you use 60-70 whole food ingredients in SQWARE MEALS instead of the 47 you advertise?
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