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What You Eat Matters

We're constantly on the search for the best ingredients because we believe "You are what your food eats!"

Below, you’ll find a list of ingredients we use & ingredients that Whole Foods Market® finds unacceptable for the products that they offer. They’ve set the bar fairly high, which is why we’ve chosen to utilize the same list in evaluating the products that we offer.

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Why Our Founder, Well, Founded Us

As a sports enthusiast who has always been conscious of what I eat, it seemed ironic that I found myself at 40 years old stricken with a disease that was caused by my diet.

I was a busy guy – raising a family, running a business, managing our farm, coaching, counseling the youth at our church – the list goes on.  Those were crazy days! In the middle of that, I found time to exercise every day and participated in bodybuilding and endurance events...

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Healthy living is about consuming all-natural, delicious, convenient, wholesome stuff.

Stuff that would never be associated with anything artificial or genetically modified. Stuff from clean sources so you get clean nutrition. Stuff so good, you’ll immediately want to share it with friends and family, so everyone can eat and live healthier.

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