Why Our Founder, Well, Founded Us

swiig started when our founder, Dan Young, unexpectedly faced declining health despite his active lifestyle and love of sports. Plagued by fatigue, digestive distress, and brain fog, Dan searched in vain for solutions from conventional medicine. After struggling for years with a range of worsening symptoms, he discovered the restorative power of real, all-natural whole foods. 

Once Dan had identified the root causes of his illness–years of nutrient-deficient processed foods combined with ingredients that were laden with mercury and other heavy metals–he created a personalized nutrition protocol that focused on detoxing and eliminating inflammatory ingredients while introducing minimally processed whole foods rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Though this lifestyle change was challenging and full of setbacks, Dan stayed the course, optimistic that a return to good health was imminent. His commitment paid off, and after one year, he fully regained his health.

Dan realized firsthand how proper nutrition can transform lives. So, he set out to make clean eating convenient and accessible for anyone seeking better health. Knowing that many people found nutrition complicated, Dan teamed up with holistic nutritionists and dieticians who embraced the Eastern traditions of medicine through a diet rich in whole foods. He created educational resources alongside a line of premium clean whole foods and supplements to make healthy living within reach for everyone!  

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You Are What Your Food Eats

At swiig, we believe small steps toward thoughtful nutrition lead to immense boosts in health and vitality. We're serious about sourcing only the highest quality ingredients because we firmly believe that "you are what your food eats." 

We exclude any and all additives such as artificial colors or chemical preservatives, synthetic sugars like fructose corn syrup or sucralose, hormones and antibiotics, and unhealthy fats like hydrogenated oils. If it’s not made in nature, it shouldn’t find its way into your body. Instead, we search far and wide for ingredients that meet these unwavering quality standards:

  • Organic: We actively seek certified organic ingredients that are grown sustainably without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. This benefits both human and environmental health.
  • Non-GMO: Our products never contain genetically modified ingredients. We opt for natural heirloom varieties with superior nutritional density.
  • Minimally processed: We avoid extensive processing that can damage nutrients and healthful compounds. Our ingredients are as close to their natural state as possible.
  • Sustainably sourced: We partner with vendors who use ethical practices to harvest ingredients, supporting local economies and ecological preservation.
  • Free of fillers: No cheap bulking agents or fibers like maltodextrin that provide only empty calories and carbs.

We’re extremely selective about what goes into our products because we seek to deliver premium nutrition you can trust. Heck, we just want you to eat the way our grandparents did, when everything was organic!

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Real Food for Real Life

Our snacks, shakes, and meal replacements are all about convenience without compromise. They're perfectly portioned, ready in minutes, and easy to enjoy on-the-go. But they're also packed with premium ingredients that your body recognizes and that you can feel good about putting into your body.

We choose only real, recognizable whole foods that our chefs expertly combine into well-balanced macros with irresistible flavors you’ll crave. We have options perfectly suited for any diet or lifestyle.

Our promise? Delicious food that simplifies healthy living. The hardest part is deciding what to try first. 

Browse our shop and get ready to make healthy living simple and delicious!

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