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THE Joint Mender

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    THE Joint Mender - swiig
    THE Joint Mender - swiig
    THE Joint Mender - swiig
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    THE Joint Mender

    Keeping your joints healthy and mobile is key to an active lifestyle. THE Joint Mender is a comprehensive formula designed to promote joint flexibility, reduce stiffness and soreness, and support cartilage repair. By combining clinically studied ingredients like UC-II collagen with natural compounds like glucosamine and hyaluronic acid, this supplement helps provide multi-action joint relief and protection. Don't let joint discomfort slow you down–rebuild your mobility with THE Joint Mender.

    • Helps Increase Joint Mobility: UC-II collagen has been shown to significantly improve knee extension and range of motion.
    • Reduces Joint Pain: Ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and boswellia help reduce osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis joint pain.
    • Supports Cartilage Health: Provides building blocks like glucosamine to promote the repair of deteriorating joint cartilage.
    • Enhances Lubrication: Hyaluronic acid acts as a natural lubricant and cushion for the joints and connective tissues.
    • Helps Reduce Muscle Soreness: Anti-inflammatory botanicals and enzymes help reduce exercise-related muscle stiffness.

    THE Joint Mender - swiig

    Nutrition Facts

    • Contains UCII Collagen - known for promoting joint health by increasing mobility and reducing pain for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
    • Includes Hyaluronic Acid – known for lubricating the joints and all the cells in the body
    • Rich in Glucosamine and Chondroitin (natural compounds) reduce joint pain from osteoarthritis

    Allergen Information

    Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy, egg, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts. Please keep all supplements out of children's reach.

    Suggested Use

    For best results, take 3 capsules daily with meals. For the first 15 days, double the dose to 6 capsules per day to optimize joint support. Stay hydrated!


    Vitamin C, Manganese, Joint Blend (Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine, UC-II ® Collagen, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane [MSM], , L-Lysine, Proline, Quercetin, Boswellia Serrata, Turmeric 95%), Proprietary Blend (Joint Matrix 100% Organic Blend: Organic Pleurotus eryfnii, Organic King trumpet, Organic Cordyceps militaris, Organic Antrodia camphorate, Organic Himematsutake [Agaricus Blazei], Organic Hypsizygus marmoreus [Brown Beech], and Organic Hericium erinaceus [Lion’s Mane]), Enzyme Blend (Protease, Papain, Bromelain), Brown Rice Powder, Hypromellose.