Foods That Boost & Reset Your Gut Health

Foods That Boost & Reset Your Gut Health

A healthy gut is essential to maintaining your overall physical and mental health. Balancing the bacteria within the gut microbiome has enormous benefits including keeping chronic diseases at bay like heart disease and cancer, as well as reducing inflammation and even fighting off depression. Everyone’s digestive system is unique, but there are many common foods that can boost and reset gut health overall.

Oats and oatmeal are great for your digestive system. Oats contain prebiotic and soluble fiber that aids in stabilizing blood sugar which can greatly impact the overall gut health. Bananas contain a similar soluble fiber to oats and aid in digestion and bowel movements. Both oats & bananas can reduce bloating and keep you feeling fuller for a longer period.

Raspberries are another fantastic food source to better your overall gut health and nourish positive changes in the microbiome. They are low in sugar, have a high-water content and are packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants that can promote a good gut reset. Raspberries have well over one third of your daily dose of fiber in a serving which helps facilitate the digestive process.

Lentils, beans, and legumes alike are nutritional powerhouses to boost overall gut health. They are essential components of a balanced diet, and the dual combination of fiber and protein promotes fullness and lets gut bacteria thrive. They are rich in folate, iron, and B vitamins, contributing to overall well-being. As a bonus, beans arrive to the colon intact allowing these legumes to serve as a source of nourishment for the microbiome.

Yogurt is another great choice for the gut microbiome thanks to its live and active cultures, more commonly known as probiotics. Eating yogurt as a part of a regular diet will enhance overall gastrointestinal well-being. It’s worth noting that even vegan yogurts for those dairy free or with sensitivities are beneficial for a healthy gut. The plant based alternative yogurts often are fortified with probiotics and can have similar advantages.

Garlic can be an amazing addition to any flavor profile and foster good gut health at the same time. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which can promote optimal digestion and balance the microbiome. It simultaneously contains prebiotic fibers that feed on good gut bacteria and works as an antibiotic that kills off bad bacteria. Garlic is extremely versatile and can be added to meals as an ingredient and/or garnish.

Incorporating any of these foods will help revive a gut that needs a little bit of extra care or boost a gastrointestinal system in any current state. These gut friendly foods can be commonly found in fridges and kitchens without too much searching or trouble. It is essential to prioritize a healthy digestive system and gut microbiome as the gut is important to the immune system and cognitive functions. Bolster your diet with gut healthy foods and the benefits will quickly follow.

Originally published in Nutrition Quarterly Magazine Winter 2024.

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