You are what your food eats!™
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SQWARE MEALS Eating For Life kit

This kit is designed to deliver Organic, Clean nutrition on a regular basis over the course of a month. We believe “You are what your foods eat!” And, if everyday, you consume the right foods from the right sources, your body will respond in ways you’ve never dreamed of.

Sign up today to save 10% and this kit will automatically be delivered on a monthly basis so that you can be guaranteed to always have the right nutrition to rebuild a better you.

SQWARE MEALS Complete Meal System is an organic, nutrient-dense daily nutritional shake which fuels you with the right (and delicious) blend of organic proteins, carbs, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins & minerals from 40+ superfoods. Drink your way to wellness with all the essential amino acids and 50% of the USRDI on over 20 vital nutrients.

This kit includes 30+ SQWARE MEALS and 30+ Servings of swiig Complete Meal Bars (Vanilla, Chocolate & Wildberry).

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