Freeze-Dried, Sliced Bananas (Shake)

Raw, living food.

Our founder’s kids think of these unassuming little discs as “banana cookies”. If only they knew how healthy these delicious little snacks really are. Ripe bananas that are dried at peak ripeness and with no added dyes, sugars or preservatives. We didn’t add anything, we just took out the water. Freeze-dried bananas from swiig are an easy and convenient way to enjoy infinitely healthy banana goodness anywhere any time.

Available in 12 oz. bags.

Dried Fruits & Veggies from swiig are raw, living foods that are nutrient-dense and packed with great taste! We only took out the water, keeping everything super healthy. If you mix them with a Great Granola, throw them into a smoothie or eat them right out of the bag, you'll know that they are chock-full of Infinite Goodness.

  • Good Source of Vitamins C & B6
  • 2g Dietary Fiber per serving
  • Good Source of Potassium

Contains: Freeze-Dried Bananas.

Allergen information: Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy, egg, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts.

As we are always looking to improve our products, please consult your physical product label for the most pertinent and accurate information on ingredients and nutrition content.

Suggested Use

Enjoy Freeze-Dried Banana from swiig by the handful, blended in a smoothie or sprinkled on yogurt.

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