Cookie Crunch Shake Kit

This shake tastes like a Cookies and Cream Dream! But you guessed it, like all our shakes, it’s actually healthy for you too! Every ingredient is clean and pure!
With 28 grams of muscle-building Protein, this shake tastes like an indulgent Vanilla Gelato with crunchy Cacao Nibs providing heaps of antioxidants. Great for Recovery by delivering a perfect blend of Protein and Carbs - perfect for Anaerobic workouts or Meal Replacements! In addition to all this, this shake is great for gut health. We’ve added our highly bio-active Probiotic living Yogurt – 5 Billion healthy Probiotics! Total Calories – 250!

Hint - This shake can easily be turned into a balanced Low-Glycemic Meal simply by adding a tablespoon of Flax Oil and 1 scoop of Get Regular or Oats.

 This Shake Kit yields a minimum of 26 shakes.


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