Bone Broth Protein (Kit)

Bone Broth Protein from swiig offers you a delicious way to get the health benefits of bone broth & protein, all in a convenient powder form. Our Bone Broth Protein is made by slow-cooking chicken bones, ligaments, tendons, and water under high pressure at just the right temperature to retain key nutrients like amino acids & Type II collagen.

Protein is the primary building block of your body, so the source of your protein really matters. The amino acids & natural collagen in our Bone Broth Protein help your body with post-workout recovery, charges your metabolism and helps keep your body slimmer.

Available in 1 lb. containers.

  • Helps Repair & Build Healthy Muscle Tissue
  • Aids Healthy Immune Function
  • Supports Intestinal Health & Integrity
  • Assists with Joint Health

Healthy living is about consuming all-natural, delicious, convenient, wholesome stuff. Stuff that would never be associated with anything artificial or genetically modified. Stuff from clean sources so you get clean nutrition. Stuff so good, you'll immediately want to share it with friends and family, so everyone can eat and live healthier.


Contains: Dried Chicken Bone Broth, Pea Starch, Parsley Powder, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Digestive Enzyme Blend (Amylase, Protease Blend(I,II,III), Lipase, Lactase, HemiSEB Cellulase, Maltase, Invertase, Bromelain, Peptizyme SP, Papain and Alpha-Galactosidase).

Suggested Use

Mix one scoop (27.3g) of Organic Whey with juice, water, milk, yogurt or blend into your favorite shake. May be used with or without meals.

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