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Chocolate Frosty

This shake tastes too good to be healthy, BUT guess what? It is!!!! Every ingredient is clean and pure delivering 40 grams of Protein! 

Defatted & Antioxidant rich USDA Organic Dutch Chocolates, lightly sweetened with Organic Raw Cane Sugar and blended with 40 grams of our signature all-natural, rBGH, rBST Hormone Free and Antibiotic Free Matrix Whey Protein.

This shake is great as a Meal Replacement or after an Anaerobic Workout, esp for weight resistance workouts. Delivering a 1.5:2 ratio of Carbs to Protein respectively. 40 grams of Chocolate and Vanilla Protein for that Milk Chocolate experience! This shake is just 340 Calories and is an excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin’s E & D. Total Calories – 330!

Hint - This shake can easily be turned into a Low Glycemic Meal simply by adding a tablespoon of Flax Oil and 1 scoop of Get Regular or Oats.

 This Shake Kit yields a minimum of 35 shakes.

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